Socially Responsible Investing is a catch-all phrase that, at its broadest, refers to all investment and money management activities undertaken according to certain social values instead of, or in addition to, purely financial considerations. The standard argument for socially screened investing is simple: It allows people to avoid investing their money in companies whose products or behavior they find objectionable.

 SRI involves screening investment portfolios according to certain social criteria as well as financial criteria. At  SCM we maintain an extensive data base of over 160 Socially Conscious funds that are continuously monitored. It is our goal to assist our clients to incorporate their social ideals into their investment portfolio without sacrificing returns.

401K Plans   The Department of Labor has recently issued new guidelines that are more permissive of placing Socially Sustainable investments in ERISA plans. This is a great opportunity and we look forward to providing the guidance for both employers and employees so together we can successfully navigate this process. Our team of advisers with over 75 years of combined experience along with Seraphim's affiliation with well known custodians such as Charles Schwab and Fidelity could certainly make any transition process as seamless as possible.