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Seraphim Capital Management provides non-pooled, separately managed account portfolio management services

Wealth Management Services


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Our Team distinguishes itself by servicing clients with special investment challenges and needs such as socially responsible and alternative investment portfolios. Working with our team, who have over 75 years of combined global investment experience, we offer relevant solutions to unique challenges. 

SCM utilizes a broad spectrum of investment vehicles designed to maximize growth while limiting risk. Each portfolio is specifically tailored to meet our clients needs.

Asset protection is defined as the safeguarding of wealth and assets from legal attack. These assets include liquid assets, securities, real estate, business interests, professional practices, intellectual property and virtually anything of value. We work with the top law firms in the nation to protect these assets from threats, such as aggressive litigants and predatory creditors, and preserve the assets for the benefit of our clients.

We carefully safeguard the privacy of our clients and the confidentiality of their assets. We work with attorneys to protect these assets using domestic laws and entities such as limited partnerships, trusts and corporations, as well as the laws of foreign countries.